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Leveraging AI based technology to transform the future of health care delivery in Leading Hospitals in Europe

During the past 30 years, Intensive Care Unit beds in Europe have been permanently reduced. Especially the current pandemic situation shows that these hospital budget cuts must be complemented with organizational restructuring including the use of innovative technologies to be successful. ODIN has identified eleven critical challenges within hospitals in advance for which the project will deploy technologies along three lines of intervention: a) empowering workers through the use of AI, cybernetics and bionics, b) introducing autonomous and collaborative robots and c) enhancing medical locations with the Internet of Things (IoT). These areas of intervention will be piloted in six hospitals in Spain, France, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands and Germany. Seven use cases will be created and the research will analyse patient management as well as disaster preparedness and hospital resilience. Within the ODIN pilot these multicentred longitudinal cohort studies shall demonstrate the safety, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of ODIN technologies.

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