Transdisciplinary Team

Our enthusiastic team is composed of engineers, software developers, social science researchers and project managers.


Proprietary Methodologies

Our portfolio of methods and tools helps us provide insights that inform decision making processes.


Broad Network

Our partners include research and academic institutions, NGOs, public bodies and technology providers.

Understanding social, cultural, economic and political dynamics within society and social phenomena in general, are indispensable prerequisites for identifying future technological demands.

Future Modern Technologies

MINDS & SPARKS’ research engineers and software developers have extensive experience in supporting the delivery and uptake of outstanding web and mobile applications, collaborative platforms, open information hubs and decision support solutions to tackle emerging societal challenges and to support different stakeholders including public bodies and private citizens.

Safety and Security

Being a complex theme, safety and security needs to be taken into consideration in the milieu of various issues, such as natural disasters, major events, protest movements, emergencies, and the protection of citizens from potential terrorist attacks or petty crimes. At MINDS & SPARKS, security research combines both, the social research and the technological implementation of innovative solutions.

Scientific Reporting

Research and development project usually involve a regular provision of scientific or technical reports in order to ensure that the contractors and projects sponsors stay up to date about the project evolvement. MINDS & SPARKS offers comprehensive support in scientific reporting and documentation. This also includes technical reports, presentations, studies related to social science, and the collection and preparation of literature.

Community Building

Existing social networks like Facebook are powerful tools that we integrate in the different products of our portfolio. However, for certain projects more fine-tuned approaches are needed that enable the construction of specially designed communities. These specific community pages create a virtual space in which users can discuss certain topics, share content and exchange experiences. Compared to the use of existing social networks, this approach offers simpler administration and a greater degree of control.

Predictions and Trends

Predicting the future in an ever-changing world is a supreme discipline. However, the consciousness of accurate trends and the prediction of future events supply decision makers with an advantage. Therefore, at MINDS & SPARKS we are highly engaged in supporting them with forecasting excellence. In order to cope with this dynamic environment our trend and prediction products involve both: conventional statistical methods and models as well as innovative and case specific methods.