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Meteorological Assimilation from Galileo and Drones for Agriculture

The MAGDA project aims at developing a toolchain for atmosphere monitoring, weather forecasting, and severe weather/irrigation/crop monitoring advisory with GNSS (including Galileo) at its core to provide useful information to agricultural operators. Specifically, MAGDA will deal with the assimilation of different satellite-borne, drone-borne, ground-based weather radars, and in-situ weather observations into very high-resolution numerical weather prediction models. The project addresses the provision of meteorological products for severe weather warnings and advisories to farmers by either a dedicated dashboard or by interfacing with a Farm Management System. The objectives of MAGDA go beyond the state-of-the-art by aiming at developing a modular system that can be deployed by owners of large farms directly at their premises, continuously feeding observations to dedicated and tailored weather forecast and hydrological model.

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