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Advanced Database for Biomaterials with Data Analysis and Visualisation Tools extended by a Marketplace with Digital Advisors

Biomaterials are synthetic or natural materials used for artificial organs, prostheses or the replacement of tissue. As research, supply and demand in the area of biomaterials are rapidly growing, it can be challenging to keep an overview of the market. The BIOMATDB project therefore aims to support the biomaterials and medical device market. After assessing the existing knowledge on biomaterials, an advanced biomaterials database will be developed which will provide information on their properties as well as data analysis and visualisation tools. Additionally, an information marketplace will be launched to connect suppliers and demanders of biomaterials. Furthermore, a label of biocompatibility will be created, and the database and marketplace will be demonstrated through validation and training activities. Through the creation of these open access platforms, BIOMATDB will be able to facilitate information gathering as well as market access and visibility in the context of biomaterials.

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