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Complete Transformation PAth for C-C backboned plastic wastes to high-value Chemicals and materials

Plastic pollution has become a clear threat to many environmental niches and ecosystems, due to rapidly increasing use of plastic products and leakage to the environment. Polyethylene (PE) is the most widely used and the largest-volume plastic. ACTPAC proposes a complete value-added industry-viable path to convert PE firstly into alkanes, then into high-value chemicals (monomers), and finally into PE-like but fully biodegradable polyesters. A zero-waste solution to the plastic waste management is thus created to keep plastics out of the environment, and reclaim their values. The new properties and specific applications of the new polyester plastics produced from upcycling of PE waste will offer new business opportunities for SMEs by scalable, flexible and robust multi-product manufacturing processes for on-demand and small-volume output production.

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