SPREAD2INNO: Promoting local startup events through a tailored dissemination approach

The SPREAD2INNO project aims to enhance the startup ecosystems of Italy, Bulgaria, and Greece. By hosting a series of local startup events, the project consortium aims to provide visibility, mentorship, networking opportunities, and more to startups in these three countries. To ensure the widespread dissemination of information about these events, both before and after they have taken place, SPREAD2INNO uses a tailored multi-channel dissemination approach.

The 6 local startup events hosted in Bulgaria, Italy and Greece are at the heart of the SPREAD2INNO Project. For each event, 20 startups are selected to participate in insightful training programmes provided by the SPREAD2INNO consortium members. They can also take part in pitching competitions, the winners of which are invited to benefit from further mentorship activities at the so-called SPREAD2INNO Academies.

To raise awareness about the events and invite startups to apply, a multi-channel dissemination approach is being utilised. This includes the following channels and activities:

Social Media

On X and LinkedIn, the startup events are widely promoted. Before each event, a series of posts encouraging startups to apply are uploaded, including visually appealing graphics and thematic hashtags. During and after the event, wrap-up posts are shared online, providing written insights into the events as well as photographic documentation.


Following each of local startup event, a short video is uploaded to the SPREAD2INNO YouTube channel. These videos showcase the event, including insights from participants, videos of the presentations, and experience reports by consortium members.

Project website

The SPREAD2INNO website functions as the main pillar of the project’s online presence and includes both an overview of past and upcoming events, as well as detailed information on each of them. To this end, detail pages are provided for each event, including information on location and date, a registration link, an agenda, and, after the event, an overview of the participating startups, photos of the event, and an embedded YouTube video.

Press releases

For each local startup event, two press releases are provided. The first one is distributed before the event and includes information on the event’s location and date, its content, and an invitation to apply. The main aim of this press release is to be distributed via other channels, so-called multipliers, in order to reach a large number of interested startups. The second press release is written after the event and includes a concise overview of the presentations, workshops and pitching sessions held, as well as the winning startups. This is shared on the project website.

Visual assets

To complement the digital presence of the SPREAD2INNO Project and its events, aesthetically thematic banners and images are designed for each event. These visuals are then shared together with social media posts as well as on the project website to enhance the promotion of the SPREAD2INNO local startup events.


Project website: https://www.spread2inno.eu/

X: https://twitter.com/SPREAD2INNO_EU

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/spread2inno-project/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@SPREAD2INNO-Project


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PHArA-ON stakeholder collection overview sheet
PHArA-ON stakeholder collection overview sheet