ODIN: Open Innovation Hub launched successfully

In order to expand the ODIN ecosystem, the ODIN Open Innovation Hub was established. The contacts gathered during the stakeholder collection, the contacts made during the ODIN Open Call and the contacts gained through a dedicated social media campaign formed the first core group of the ODIN Open Innovation Hub. The first activity involving this group was an Open Innovation Community workshop, which took place on the 14th of March, 2023.

The Open Innovation Hub is a place where ODIN can interact with health providers and hospitals to co-create new value by combining state-of-the-art core technologies developed by ODIN, based on its expertise on smart hospitals and ongoing projects, with their needs and ideas.

New value and ideas are created to contribute to the creation of a better healthcare delivery, improving inter-professional collaboration, optimising information flows and business models, and implementing effective patient-centred care pathways.

The ODIN Open Innovation Hub members originate mainly from the healthcare and ICT domains (AI, robotics, IoT). The hub aims to enable the sharing of experiences, learning, challenges, services and solutions, good practices and use cases positioning Europe at the forefront of Hospital 4.0 revolution based on highly digitalised and robotised health installations.

The ODIN Open Innovation Community Workshop

The Open Innovation Community Workshop took place on 14th March, 2023, and brought together over 40 colleagues from across the ecosystem who shared their insights and opinions on key topics related to implementing and scaling of digital solutions in the healthcare sector.

During the session, the ODIN community concept was presented, as well as its potential impact on the health sector. Members of the consortium – Silvio Pagliara, Sergio Guillen, and Gastone Ciuti, supported by Marta Pérez – shared key aspects of the ODIN project and demonstrated the value these solutions can create for clients, patients, and health organizations.

ODIN Open Innovation

The ODIN Open Innovation Community is a big network of partners mainly from the healthcare and ICT domains interested in sharing experiences, learning, challenges, services and solutions, good practices, and use cases, and positioning Europe as a leader in highly digitised and robotised health installations. Its aim is to increase awareness of the ODIN platform and solutions and enable partners to pitch, co-create, or deliver digital solutions.

By incorporating and accelerating new technologies and applications from Startups and SMEs in the Open Innovation Hub and attracting potential adopters and users of the platform from the health network, a strong network effect can be achieved. This connection allows the ODIN community to further enrich the demand and the supply side with new actors and stakeholders, creating a competitive position and a good framework for understanding the engagement of hospitals and healthcare providers towards the adoption of IoT, robotics, and AI-enabled applications.

In the ODIN community, supply members will provide an online catalogue of technologies that will be completed and expanded as required through the Open Innovation Hub, while the demand will perform an internal health technology management assessment to identify potential challenges, needs, bottle necks, and opportunities.

The ODIN Open Innovation Hub promotes the solutions developed by ODIN. Additionally, it serves as a platform for discussion on the hot topics in the field of smart hospitals. Through its activities the ODIN Open Innovation Hub contributes significantly to the advancement of the ODIN ecosystem and the sustainability of the ODIN project.








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PHArA-ON stakeholder collection overview sheet
PHArA-ON stakeholder collection overview sheet