EU‐Japan.AI: Implementation and development of the project platform

EU‐Japan.AI is a modern, open, web‐based platform showcasing rich online content and access to a collaboration network from the AI for the manufacturing field. The implementation is based on a flexible, modern, and scalable architecture and a modular design that allows the platform to grow and evolve. The platform‐based approach helps to connect all the relevant stakeholder groups in the field of AI and manufacturing in Europe and Japan.

The EU‐Japan.AI platform is generally conceptualized as an open platform. Representatives from industry, academia, research and innovation funders, policymakers, civil societies, and trade unions have access to various information and services. This interactive online platform empowers users to facilitate matchmaking and knowledge exchange opportunities, and it also provides access to a wide range of knowledge sources gathered during the EU‐Japan.AI project. Its flexible and modern online architecture provides interactive modules, high usability, responsive web design and it can be continuously updated and extended with new content.

Development and implementation

The EU‐Japan.AI platform was implemented with a flexible and scalable architecture and built based on use cases, which ensures high intuitiveness and usability of the provided interfaces and functionalities. Several web development environments were used for the technical implementation, including the WordPress Plugin Framework Herbert, Bootstrap, MySQL, and WordPress. For the development process, state‐of‐the‐art web frameworks and libraries were used to ensure flexibility and persistency. For the application to be adapted and improved, the Model‐View‐Controller (MVC) pattern was applied. Furthermore, the development process was based on the agile software development cycle, as shown below. This approach allows for continuous adaptions and revisions of the functionalities based on user requirements.

Software development cycle
Software development cycle

The EU‐Japan.AI platform

The result is a modern, online platform with a variety of functionalities. It is designed in a modular structure to keep it flexible and extendable in various contexts.

The EU‐Japan.AI platform is built upon the following modules:

  • Resources include static content in the form of news, knowledge articles, and informative graphics and videos.
  • Knowledge is based on dynamic, interactive content such as information on upcoming events, i.e., webinars, conferences, summits, and expos, and collaboration opportunities in academia, science, and industry such as oncoming funding, tenders, and grants in Europe and Japan. Additionally, it contains an extensive collection of relevant stakeholders, events, and projects in AI and manufacturing in both the EU and Japan. Additional real‐time information is provided by the AI Observatory with live reports on AI patents, research projects, AI news & media, the jobs & skills market, companies, and investments.
  • The Networking section represents a virtual space centred around a forum as the main meeting point. Its members can connect and create various public as well as private groups and initiate discussions on related topics or issues.
  • The Administration section enables quick access to the user’s profile, settings, preferences, and content such as chats, conversations and forum posts.

This modular structure gives the EU‐Japan.AI platform the flexibility to evolve naturally over time.

Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence, Platform, Open Exchange, cooperation, Knowledge Exchange, MVC pattern
PHArA-ON stakeholder collection overview sheet
PHArA-ON stakeholder collection overview sheet